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At TruFit® we work to shift people’s perception of fitness from vanity, to vitality. We encourage people to move for the sake of moving, to experience the benefits of exercise, and ultimately to make the world more active™. Thank you for visiting. We invite you to learn more about our products and education to see why with TruFit™, your opportunities are endless.




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TruFit® has revolutionized personal training and sport performance with the all new, all inclusive, UNIT™ 2.0

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At TruFit® we build products to help you enhance your life. We work with leading manufacturers and top professionals to provide high quality training gear and education. Our goal is to make fitness fun and effective for all ages and our UNIversal Trainer™ or UNIT™ provides the prefect platform for endless achievements.

The Ultimate Cross Training Fitness System

The UNIT™ is a lightweight, portable training system that sets up quickly and provides workout options for all fitness levels. Recently athletes and professionals have utilized these techniques only to see outstanding results and now TruFit® has developed a training system that takes your workouts to the next level.

Why The TruFit® UNIT™?

  • The UNIT™ builds functional strength, preparing you for sports and an active life.
  • The UNIT™ increases muscular stability and nuero-muscular control.
  • The UNIT™ develops strong joints and precise movement patterns.
  • The UNIT™ provides a platform so you can help others achieve their goals.

-Introducing the new UNIT 2.0 – Built to perform, built to last-

Looking for the latest UNIT workouts and exercise updates?

Checkout TruFit UNIversity for all your training and education resources

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Ready for the QUAD Challenge?

-TruFit® QUAD™ Training is at the Apex of Bodyweight Fitness-


Why the QUAD™?

  • QUAD™ Training takes your stabilizers off the bench and puts them into the game.
  • QUAD™ Training increases strength, teaching your body to how to utilize muscles more effectively and more efficiently.
  • QUAD™ Training changes all exercises by forcing you to constantly fight gravity and maintain a strong core.
  • QUAD™ Training is a fun challenge and promotes constructive competition.

Fitness without limits

TruFit® QUAD™ Training is a wake up call to your entire muscular system. QUAD™ Training is the product of intelligent minds pushing their gear to the limits. By utilizing 4 independent connection points and the UNIT’s climbing grade materials, QUAD™ Training suspends your body above the ground and fires your muscles like never before. This true test of fitness requires a tremendous effort from the body’s stabilizers and creates a universal strength that carries over better into the things you do.

Checkout a QUAD™ Training or World Record video and see how you can experience the next level of fitness for yourself.

If you want to submit a QUAD Challenge World Record attempt visit our WR Page for instructions and ideas.QUAD™ R & D

TruFit® works with cutting edge professionals and university researchers to develop QUAD™ Training into a safe and effective method for athlete assessment and performance enhancement.

“The TruFit® QUAD™ system increases not only muscle activity but also exercise metabolism based upon evidence collected in my lab.

I would highly recommend the use of this system in place of, or in conjunction with traditional methods of resistance training.”

-Dr. David Bellar, Ph.D.  Interim Director Exercise Science, University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

TruFit® recommends that anyone attempting QUAD™ exercises should first demonstrate the appropriate Level 1, 2 & 3 exercises.
Practice caution and incorporate proper safety measures when performing any exercise off the ground.


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Education you can understand

-Focused on the Early Development and lifelong practice of Healthy Fitness Habits-

About TruFit® Education

At TruFit® we believe a good fitness education is the key to living an active lifestyle. Whether you are a trainer or an athlete, learning these concepts will help set you apart and establishes a solid foundation for expanding your abilities.

Discover the real benefits of functional training and equip yourself with progressive techniques that can take you from A to Z. TruFit® courses are designed to help you create effective programs and teach you how to maximize your time, exercise selection and results.

Learn, Create, Explore

Looking for the latest information and education from TruFit®? Then visit TruFit® University and find a course for you.

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Are you a Trainer or Coach?

TruFit® helps you to provide clients and athletes a superior workout experience. The UNIT™ can be incorporated into many different training modalities from Suspension to Speed & Agility, making it a truly “UNIversal Trainer™”. Progress users through the 4 Levels of Training or get interactive with H.R.T.™ (human resistance training™). Courses prepare you for these exercises and help to ensure a safe progression for all users.

UNIT™ Trainers Course – QUAD™ Trainers Course – Ambassador Training –  FASTER Training n’ Tension Course

Contact us to schedule a course or find out when the next course is coming to you. Fitness, Physical Education, Team and Corporate Training Available

Are you an Athlete?

We all know that hard work pays off, but what separates the gifted from the truly talented is an understanding of what it takes. Knowing what to do, when to do it, and how it should be done, creates a confidence in all athletes that excels them throughout life. At TruFit® we want to help you prepare for the challenges and triumphs that an active lifestyle provides. With online education, downloadable programs, and sport specific workouts, our goal is to help you become the best you can be, at everything you try to do.

WR-logoThink you got what it takes?

Could you be the next TruFit® World Record setter? Click the link to see the current leaders and choose an exercise to see if you have what it takes.



TruFit University

Get back into learning

-Do your future self a favor-


“To excel in life, you must understand your health”

We created TruFit® UNIversity to help you learn everything you need to know about TruFit®, the UNIT™, General Fitness and Sport Performance. 


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