TruFit® Truly Fit. Truly You.

Designed for all of us, TruFit’s groundbreaking bodyweight training products and nourishing learning environment forego the no-pain-no-gain, get-ripped-quick attitude. Instead, our holistic approach addresses the fullness of each individual, and is engineered to awaken vitality, confidence, purpose, strength, mindfulness, and resilience.

Innovative and versatile, TruFit’s universal training delivers an unparalleled quality of experience, and feature a full spectrum of training options — not just suspension exercises. Built tough, our products can be used outdoors, at home, and on the go.

GEAR UP and Get Your Move On!

UNIT™ 2.0


$199.99 USD
Safest Full Suspension, Human Resistance Products
Buy it once, Buy it for life!
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TRUFIT® Certification


$300.00 USD
NASM, ACE Accredited courses. Find one near you!
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Everything you need to extend your adventure
and maximize your fun!
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Went to the Winter Outdoor Retailer and a friend told me about TruFit. After seeing and testing out the product we decided not only to buy TruFit for ourselves but to become a dealer too. Thanks TruFit you guys rock!

– Seven Summits Gear

Badass, fun, simple, bombproof fitness equipment. Bodyweight STRONG.

– Hans, Adventurer, Outdoorsman

My mind is blown away by it’s versatility & the design. Real quality product with unlimited variations. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a real awesome workout.
– Jason Nah, Director/Head Trainer, RealFit, Singapore