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The World More Active

At TruFit® we promote vitality before vanity. We encourage you to move effectively and to experience the true benefits of exercise. Ultimately our goal is to make the world more active through fitness education and unforgettable experiences. Thank you for visiting our site. We invite you to learn more about us, our products and our classes to see why with TruFit™, your opportunities are endless.




At TruFit® we build products to help you enhance your life. We work with leading manufacturers and top professionals to provide high quality training gear and education. Our goal is to make fitness fun and effective for all ages and our UNIversal Trainer™ or UNIT™ provides the prefect platform for endless achievements.

Popular Products

UNIT™ 2.0


Get the most out of your workout with the incredibly versatile TruFit® UNIT™ 2.0.

The UNIT™ comes complete with everything you need to start training today:

  • 2 Nylon Webbing Anchor straps with built-in upper attachment ring (aka Donut/ Rappel Ring)
  • 2 Complete UNIT™ Handles with Climbing grade carabiners, washable grips, laser engraved instruction and Ninja Strap (hidden foot strap)
  • 1 Instruction Booklet, includes Exercise Science, Workout section and Program Design for both youth and adults
  • 1 Instruction/Workout DVD, learn the basics and then workout with John and Livi as they show you exercise versions for both youth and adults.
  • 1 Limited Lifetime Warranty (excludes handle grips and cosmetic damages)

Online and Live Customer Assistance available

Note: The UNIT™ is manufactured using Rock Climbing grade components to provide all users a safe and effective exercise experience. Use only as directed.

Buy it once, Buy it for life, Built to Last!

QUAD™ System


Take your workouts to the next level.

Save $25 on QUAD Training system!

Experience the evolution of body weight training with the TruFit QUAD system. The QUAD combines 2 complete UNIT kits to create a 4 strap suspension system able of supporting the most intense workouts. Discover the difference and receive exclusive QUAD Training materials to assist in your progression.

Note: QUAD Training is intended for elite athletes and experienced fitness enthusiast only. Always workout with a spotter and incorporate proper safety measures. (i.e. crash pad usage if working out over a hard surface)

- Backed by University research, QUAD Training is proven to increase muscular activity and exercise metabolism thus causing the body to burn more calories when compared to traditional free weight exercises.

UNIT™ Foundations Course


The Official UNIversal Trainer/ UNIT™ 2.0 Instructor Course.

Click to select the course that’s right for you.

This is the Official UNIT™ Foundations Course for becoming a certified TruFit® Trainer. Through completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand why UNIT™ Training is such an important part of any athletes training regimen.
  • Identify where UNIT™ Training fits into any training program and how to program accordingly.
  • Utilize the UNIversal Trainer safely and effectively, regardless of skill level, intensity or weight limit.
  • Set up and breakdown your UNIversal Trainer.
  • Inspect and care for your UNIversal Trainer to ensure maximum lifespan.

This course is eligible for CEU’s through the National Academy of Sports Medicine/ NASM. For inquiries into status with other certifying organizations contact Philip@GetTruFit.com.

Note: Course includes a UNIversal Trainer/ UNIT 2.0, “Option A”. For students who already own a UNIT you may choose “Option B”.NASM Pre-Approved Provider Logo

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